Welcome to J.L.Fontes

JLFontes was founded in 1976 in Porto, moved in 2002 to Vila Nova de Gaia to larger facilities and a warehouse’s area of significant importance.

It’s main purpose is to import and sell articles, mainly from Asia, such as umbrellas, footwear, housewares, tableware, cutlery, party items and gifts, among other.

Following the industry trend, J. L. Fontes bets on specialization. In this sense, the core of the business is directed towards the sectors of footwear and umbrellas, minimizing the importance of other sectors such as toys and decoration.

Internationalization//export has been gaining importance in the company’s business. Spain is its main export market..


Who are we?

The mission of JL Fontes is to provide attractive products at a fair price in order to be recognized by an excellent quality / price ratio.

The JL Fontes intends to continue to meet their actual and potential customers’s expectations, looking always be up to date with the latest news in his area.We participate regularly in fairs and exhibitions and we often go to the countries from whom we import.

Our activity is based on solid values such as: credibility, confidence and consolidation.


JL Fontes Armazens